Power lines and electricity =

Our Premium Power Service – What Does It Mean?

Preparing for outages is more important than ever! Generator Hire will ensure you are ready ...
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Power Planning

24/7 Emergency Service – How We Stay In Touch!

As an emergency power supplier we know all too well the importance of a role in supplying emergency power generation when people need it most ...
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Image of laptop on desk next to miniature shopping cart

Generator Hire Online Shop Explained

When purchasing online from Generator Hire Sales and Service, have a read of the below ...
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My portable Genset won’t start?

My Portable Genset Won’t Start?

Couple of quick tips that can help you avoid this! As is often the case ...
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Diesel Generator blowing too much smoke

Diesel Generator Blowing Too Much Smoke?

Common problem or major problem? We may know why. Yes this is an altered dramatic image ...
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