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If the 2019/20 fire season told us anything, it’s the importance of having equipment designed to put out small spot fires before they get out of hand. Similarly, if you live on a farm, far from fire services, or are a business dealing with flammable substances and materials it is not only recommended but in some places required to have fire fighting equipment available. In addition to being the trusted name in power supply for nearly 40 years, Generator Hire has recently expanded into this important field and is offering fire fighting tanks for sale.

When purchasing fire fighting equipment units you need to know you’re making a sound investment. You need to be able to rely on it in times of need and emergency, it’s that simple. With working knowledge and sound advice, our specialists are here to help you make the right decision now and for the future. That’s why we partnered with Silvan Selecta’s Fire Fighting Equipment, who like us and generators, have been in the business of fire fighting equipment for a long time and know their product inside and out.

Silvan Selecta’s Fire fighting equipment means business

From a business that is devoted to all things rural and agricultural, Silvan Selecta’s fire fighting equipment is up there with the best. Their poly tanks are built to last years in tough conditions and the Honda Davey fire fighting pumps are high speed and durable. These features make them some of the best fire fighting tanks for sale on the market. Being able to fight fires starts with good equipment and the fact is Silvan Selecta’s fire fighting equipment is some of the best Australia has to offer.

Whether you need a 400L tank or a 2,200L slide on skid the Silvan Selecta firefighting units all come equipped with:

  • Baffle tank design to reduce surge while travelling
  • Screw down lid with breather
  • 20m hose with fire fighting nozzle
  • Calibrated sight lines
  • Powerful open flow pumps powered by Honda engines

Adding to the fire fighting units available for purchase we also stock extra hose reels and quick fill suction kits. These fire fighting kits and units are integral for a comprehensive fire response plan and can play a timely role in stopping the spread of a small spot fire.

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