My Portable Genset Won’t Start?

My portable Genset won’t start?

My Portable Genset Won’t Start?

Couple of quick tips that can help you avoid this!


As is often the case generators can be stored for long periods of time without use.

Then you need it and “It Won’t Start! AAARRRGGGHHHH

Being in the rental business this can happen to us too! So here is what we DO!

After each use of the generator we start the generator again once it is returned. Without knowing how long before it will be used again we TURN THE FUEL TAP OFF whilst the generator is running and allow the generator to stop by itself from starvation of fuel. In doing this the fuel is drained from the fuel system and importantly the carburetor before stopping.
The main key here is not allowing the fuel to sit in the carburetor and as we would call it “Go Off”

Follow this practise and your Generator will be ready to go for next time you use it.

Just a quick tip we use and wanted to share with you.

For any further important tips please feel free to contact the team at Generator Hire Sales and Service and we would be more than happy to help you!

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