Here at Generator Hire Sydney, we have a wide range of all sorts of generators. However if consistency and quality are at the top of your list of priorities for your generator needs, then you’ll want to take a look at our diesel generators. We have the biggest range and the best prices for diesel generators in the Sydney area. From small-scale silenced generators to large-scale industrial generators, we have everything you need to cater for your power desires.

Do you need to set up a permanent generator-based power supply? Perhaps you’re looking for a reliable backup generator for an emergency or essential service, like a hospital, nursing home or a water or power supply station. These forms of infrastructure and their capability to stay available at all times are an expected and essential part of life in the modern world. Have you considered the advantages of a diesel generator-based system?

There are several important factors in deciding whether a diesel generator is right for your power set up. Maybe you’re setting up a system that has certain noise requirements. It might happen that the back up system you’ve been charged with setting up has to be a system with low noise output, such as is common in a retirement community. What makes our generators so unique is the inclusion of the silenced generator models.

Everyone who’s ever worked with a generator is more than aware of the amount of noise they frequently make. The decibel level when they really get going is enough to rival the loudest of construction equipment. However several companies have made inroads into this issue and have invented silenced generators for sale.

These generators enable you to complete your obligations and create a space that has its back up power needs covered but without the past necessity of making a lot of noise to achieve it. In fact the silenced generator makes minimal noise, which means that you can enjoy the guarantee of constant power supply without the disturbance of a big old racket.

A smallest generators are single phase up to 15kVA from there we start at 15kVA

three phase generator system. The advantages of a three phase generator system are numerous.

Rated 415 Volt allows them to power larger and more complex systems. We can also supply single phase and/or 3 phase distribution boards with our generators. A three phase generator power supply can transmit three times as much power as a single-phase power supply.

So if you’re setting up a permanent power supply for an area and need a reliable, constant stream of power, then our diesel generators may be the perfect choice for your project. Between our silent generators and the powerful, efficient design of the three phase generator systems, our diesel generators are on the cutting edge of the available technology and we use only the best products and industry leaders.