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AdBlue fuel is an essential part of maintaining a fleet of diesel trucks and machinery. But in order to keep your trucks and machinery running, you need the right AdBlue equipment. Full range of nozzles to meters and pumps having the right equipment for your requirements means maintenance checks are faster and your machines run smoother for longer.

At Generator Hire and Sales we know the challenges our industries face and how the last thing they want to be concerned with is their AdBlue equipment failing. This is why we’ve done the groundwork for you researching and testing manufacturers, both international and local, to find the brands with the highest quality equipment at the best price.

Adblue equipment in stock and available online

If you’re looking for storage, metering or dispensing of AdBlue then you’ve come to the right place. Our storage and handling solutions are comprehensive and feature industry-leading brands Gespasa and Piusi.

Our AdBlue equipment range to suit your IBC or tank includes:

  • Nozzles
  • Meters
  • Pumps

The purpose and importance of AdBlue diesel additive

AdBlue is an essential fluid used to keep the diesel fuel emissions of diesel trucks and cars alike down. AdBlue is able to reduce the nitrous oxide produced by diesel engines significantly and has been a game-changing part of bringing diesel engines into the 21st century.

Maintaining your AdBlue levels can be easily done at the mechanic or at home for a personal car, but when you’re looking after a fleet of trucks you need to have dedicated equipment for the maintenance and refuelling of AdBlue.

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