SpilMax Spill Kit Oil and Diesel Absorbent Pads – Box 100

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The Spill Kit SpilMax range of pads, pillows, mini booms and wipes are suitable for the clean-up and containment of all types of liquids including oils, fuels and solvents.

Pads – Use to rapidly absorb larger spills

Wipes – For small spills and wiping down equipment

Booms – Prevent your spill spreading

Pillows – Place under slow leaks and drips for workplace safety

Our selection of products can be used for either Oil Only (only absorbs hydrocarbons and not water)

Universal (a range of liquids including oil, fuel, water, coolants, agricultural chemicals) or Hazchem containment.

Perfect absorbent for diesel generator breather or mild leaks with machinery.

Pack Size :100

480mm L

430mm W

1 L/pad Capacity

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 56 × 45 cm