Is Your Diesel Generator Blowing Too Much Smoke?

Diesel Generator blowing too much smoke

Is Your Diesel Generator Blowing Too Much Smoke?

Common problem or major problem? We may know why.

Yes this is an altered dramatic image but we got your attention right?


And so will everyone on the site when they complain your generator is blowing too much smoke!

The most common cause of excess smoke is diesel engine glazing. This happens when the generator has been on no or very light load for continuous periods. It’s bit like owning a V8 motor car and you never put your foot down it can tend to clog things up a bit. Works the same with generators too!

Not all engine manufacturers are the same and the models of the engine can vary too! E.g some of our generators in our hire fleet handle light load perfectly and some are down right terrible!
We could be comparing Cummins to Cummins however a particular model is great whilst another model is poor! I don’t have the answer why, however over time we understand our hire fleet of generators and we know what ones to send out on light load jobs and the ones NOT too! Not everyone has that option!

Continuous operation of a generator under light load is not good for the diesel engine. Fullstop

What is Glazing? Well in simple terms it is the build up of carbon in the exhaust system. This is caused by the smoke burnoff not getting hot enough to emit as clear exhaust causing excessive carbon build up. SO What can I do?

Along with regular maintenance of your generator we recommend you program in putting suitable loads on your generator. Ideally up to 100% capacity from time to time. If you cannot do this Dummy Load Banks can be used. The simple process of running your generator up to or near full load will burn off excessive carbon in the exhaust system.
Please NOTE: We recommend this is carried out by qualified technicians as depending on how badly your diesel exhaust is carboned up it may cause fire to emit from the exhaust.

At Generator Hire Sales and Service we offer a large range of Dummy Load Banks for hire from 30kW through to 3000kW. Tailored routine maintenance plans are also available to prolong the life of your generator. Feel free to contact our expert technicians on 02 9604 7888 for further information.

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