Hand Sprayers – Handy Hints

Silvan Sprayers

Hand Sprayers – Handy Hints

Spring is upon us and to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Silvan Hand Sprayer, here are some handy hints to consider.

  1. Use clean fresh water when mixing chemicals. Silt, sand or other contaminants will increase pump wear and can reduce the effectiveness of some chemicals.
  2. Check the sprayer is correctly set up and operating as expected using fresh water, prior to mixing any chemicals.
  3. Check the chemical manufacturer’s label for the correct mixing ratio, application rate and any safety requirements.
  4. Fill the tank almost to the top before adding chemicals, then top up with water, to reduce foaming when mixing.
  5. Spray equipment should be drained, cleaned and thoroughly flushed after each use.
  6. If detergent or other cleaning products are used to clean the sprayer, they must be thoroughly flushed out with fresh water afterwards.
  7. Always wear applicable protective clothing.

Handy hints for Silvan Sprayers

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