Generators for Hire

Portable Diesel Generators

Portable Petrol Generators

Silenced and Industrial from 1kVA to 8kVA

The best quality portable generators are available for hire. Super silenced generators from Yamaha, suitable for Camping, PA Sound Systems, and Honda Powered Workcover approved industrial units for the tradies.

Trailer Mounted Diesel Generators

Trailer Mounted Diesel Generators

15kVA to 50kVA

Full mobility on tandem axle trailers – suit standard 50mm Towball. Ideal for moving your generator around on-site or outdoor events where site access is a bit tricky. We can deliver or you can pick up yourself!

Silenced Diesel Generators

Silenced Diesel Generators

8kVA to 1250kVA with Long Range Fuel Tanks

Suitable for both Prime Power and Standby applications, we have an extensive range of diesel generators for hire. Incorporating 24Hr plus fuel tank capacities, User-friendly control systems built within robust silenced enclosures.

Sephco Resistive Load Banks

Sephco Resistive Load Banks

30kW – 3000kW

Various shapes and sizes are available to suit all types of jobs. Trailer mounted options also available.

Self Bunded Fuel Tanks

Self Bunded Diesel Fuel Tanks

450 – 30,000L Optional Pump Kits for fuel dispensing

Onsite refuelling has never been so easy! Optional 12, 24V, or 240V Metered Pump Kits or can be connected directly to generators, compressors, boilers, and many other application types.

Power Distribution Hire

Power Distribution

Huge range of Cables & Distro Boards

Single and 3 Phase Extension Leads, Single and 3 Phase Distribution Boards,
Auto & Manual Transfer Switches, Link Boxes for joining cables, Cable Covers plus much, much more!

A comprehensive range of Generators for hire

Our hire generators range from our tiny 1kVA super silenced petrol generators right through to our 1000kVA semi-trailer diesel generators and beyond, all designed for user-friendly operation. Our range of generators for hire is designed to cater to every need, from small-scale recreational activity right through to large-scale generator rental needs in the emergency and industrial sectors. So whatever your need may be for generator hire we have you covered.

Generator Hire Sales and Service offers the total package. We hire generators, we service generators and we sell generators. It is this level of service that sets us apart from other companies offering generator rental services. Not only do we stock the trusted generators for hire that are manufactured by industry leaders like Perkins, Deutz, Yanmar, Yamaha and Honda, but we also manufacture our own line, which gives us an unrivalled understanding of the product.

Our intimate knowledge of the manufacturing process means not only do we provide the best generators for rent in Sydney, but we also have the knowledge and understanding to repair any unit on the go.

In addition to the exceptional service we offer, another thing about our generator rent service is that we are the number one company in Sydney when it comes to range. Some customer favourites include the super silenced range from Yamaha, which can supply your campsite with steady power but not interrupt the tranquillity of the setting. Our smaller generators also cover the Honda Powered Workcover-approved industrial units for the tradies.

If you’re looking for something with a little more grunt to it, we also have our range of trailer-mounted and truck-mounted diesel generators. There are ideal generators for hire if you need to move the generator around on-site or for outdoor events where site access can be a bit tricky. We offer delivery on these units or you can save even more and pick them up yourself!

But if you’re looking for something with some real kick, you can’t go past our range of silenced diesel hire generators, which can put out up to 2200kVA. You can run these for 24 hours at a time and with large fuel tank capacities, we’re equipped to deal with large-scale power demands for any kind of generator hire.

Resistive Load Banks

In addition to our unmatched range of generators, we also offer a huge range of Sephco resistive load banks for hire. Running your generator on load and up to its capacity is a paramount part of the maintenance program. We too often see generators performing poorly due to being run on light load.

Testing your generator up to its capacity on resistive load banks is all part of the service we can offer.

We can come to your site with our portable resistive load banks and carry out a load test on-site.

On completion, we will provide you with a Load Test Report giving you a detailed description of the generator’s performance under load.

We also offer a dedicated self-bundled diesel fuel tank service to make onsite refuelling a breeze.

Finally, we have a large range of cables and distribution boards, covering both single and three-phase leads and boards. We also carry auto & manual transfer switches, link boxes for joining cables, cable covers and much more! If we don’t have something you need, don’t be afraid to ask a member of the team!

We are also proudly Australian & family-owned for almost 40 years. You don’t need to go anywhere else!

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