SpilMax Spill Kit Emergency Transport Drum 240L

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The Spill Kit SpilMax range of transport spill kits ensure you can react as rapidly as possible to a spill emergency situation at any location.


1 x 240L Wheelie Bin

3 x SpilMax Natura-Sorb Floor Sweep 10kg

3 x SpilMax Mini Booms (Dia 75mm x 1.2mL)

2 x SpilMax Mini Booms (Dia 100mm x 3.0mL)

1 x SpilMax Pillow (400mm x 500mm x 50mm)

50 x SpilMax Pads 400gsm (480mm x 430mm)

10 x SpilMax Wipes 200gsm (500mm x 400mm)

2 x PVC Gloves

3 x Disposal Bags & Ties








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Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 70 × 60 × 110 cm