If you are looking for a silent, compact, power source, with minimum fluctuations, the YDG is waiting for you. Durability and long operation are designed in. Mobility approaches that of a gasoline generator.

The direct injection air-cooled diesels, amongst smallest in the world, offer very good fuel savings. The power is high. The cost is low.
Specifications and accessories are available for most markets.

Genuine Yanmar built quality and durability


Standby and Prime Power

Prime power 4.2 (kVA)
Standby power 4.6 (kVA)
Voltage, Frequency, 240V, 50HZ @ 0.8
Sound pressure 7m dBA 85.0
Low oil shutdown
Voltage meter
Integral RCD circuit breaker protection
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
Battery cables and battery cable included on electric start models
12 volt-8.3 amp simultaneous battery charging capability
Visual fuel gauge on tank
Tank Capacity 13 Litres
Low vibration design utilising isolation mounts between engine/alternator assembly and frame
Full roll frame protection





Additional information

Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 50 × 72 × 58 mm


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