Alemlube Diesel Poly Tank – 100L with Meter

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Alemlube diesel poly tanks with metre for sale across Australia

Lockable Diesel Refuelling Storage & Dispensing Kits

• Flow rates of up to 50 L/min

• Heavy duty, robustly constructed polyethylene tank

• Built in nozzle holster

• Unique user friendly design with lockable lid to aid fuel and dispensing kit security

• Dispensing kit consists of a 12V pump, 4m antistatic fuel delivery hose, 2m battery cables and automatic nozzle

• Recesses for tie down straps on the tank aid handling

• Forklift lift points and tie down capability

• Suitable for storing and dispensing diesel fuel only

Product No. Capacity Flow Rate w/ Meter

L60040PA 600L 50 L/min

L45040PAM 450L 50 L/min 50 L/min with meter

L65040PA 450L 50 L/min 50 L/min

L20040PAM 200L 50 L/min 50 L/min with meter

L20040PA 200L 50 L/min 50 L/min

L10040PAM 100L 50 L/min 50 L/min with meter

L10040PA 100L 50 L/min

http://www.alemlube.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/New Lockable Diesel Dispensing Kits_Product Information Sheet.pdf

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Weight 29 kg
Dimensions 75 × 72 × 60 cm