Selecta poly diesel fuel tanks for sale with diesel pumps and more

Fitted with a 12-volt diesel pump, delivery hose, with manual or auto shut-off gun.

The rugged Selecta DieselPak range transfer tanks are available in a range of capacities from 200 litres to 2200 litres.

The tanks are made with a unique diesel grade polyethylene that is UV stabilised and impact resistant.





Diesel Transfer Equipment

Key Features

Grey colour denoting diesel.

Our heavy duty reliable 12 volt pumps are from Italy made by Piusi, a world class pump manufacturer.

Impact Resistant UV Stabilised diesel grade polytuff tank

BP3000 pump 45L/min,12 volt

5 m ¾” delivery hose with auto shut-off trigger and hose swivel

4 m wiring harness with alligator clips

Twin baffles (800L model)

Suction foot screen filter on internal suction line

30 min duty cycle, 30 min on/off

Options Available

Inline litre counter (PF11-X3)

10m retractable reel kit available (PF16) 300L to 800L models


Tank Size: 800.00 litres

Pump Size: 45.00 L/min

Length/Width/Height: 1800mm / 940mm / 760mm

Product Weight: 68.00 KG

Additional information

Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 180 × 110 × 85 cm