Gespasa Transfer Pumps And Why They’re Number 1

Gespasa Transfer Pumps

Gespasa Transfer Pumps And Why They’re Number 1

High end, quality pumps imported from Spain.

WHY No.1?
We take a quick look at the Gespasa Iron 50 240V Pump

Use what the Tradies Use!
Reliable High End Diesel Pumps
Gespasa Diesel Transfer Pumps are manufactured in Spain.

Available in various voltages of 12,24 and 240 Volts.

Gespasa Diesel Transfer Pumps have flow rates of between 50 and 500LPM.

Why do we think these diesel pumps are number 1?

Without the technical jargon and simply put, it’s from our experience first hand in using the product.

Our entire fleet of self bunded diesel tanks is fitted with the Gespasa range of Pumps.

We have found them to be extremely reliable, efficient and outlast any other pumps we have tried.

When our equipment is out in the field and often in remote locations we cannot afford the inconvenience of pump failure. In other words if the pump breaks down we need to go fix it.

The most common occurrence we have found of pump failure with the Gespasa range of pumps is “user” error, with the no.1 reason – Pump being left on continuously, ultimately burning it out.

Key Features:- Gespasa 240V Iron 50, Rated 50LPM

Self-suction-self-priming. Eccentric self-adjusting blades

Supplied with recirculation bypass

Suction: 5m

Delivery: 20m Free flow: 45-50 l/min

Consumption: 1.2-2A (240V)

Motor: 0.25kW self-ventilated, 50/60Hz single-phase with thermal protector

R.P.M: 2800rpm

Connection through F1″ (BSP) threads or flanges

Continuous duty

3m cable

Stainless steel suction filter 352 micron

IP-55 protection


Rated Voltage: 240V, AC, 1.2-2 Amp

Pump Size: 50L/min

Dimensions LxWxH: 220x142x185

Product Weight: 8Kg

To enquire further about the full Gespasa range of pumps visit our diesel pump section HERE

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