Why Silvan Selecta Prograde Sprayers Are Your Number 1 Choice

Man using a Prograde sprayer from Silvan

Why Silvan Selecta Prograde Sprayers Are Your Number 1 Choice

The Prograde Difference

Experience the Prograde difference. Silvan has created a sprayer that caters for every professional need. Their sprayers feature an ergonomic design for safety and durability. They are supplied with a range of nozzles to suit different spraying applications, making the Prograde the preferred choice for landscapers, farmers, pest control professionals and homeowners.

Silvan Selecta Rural Lifestyle

Renowned brand Silvan Selecta offers Rural Lifestyle merchandise and components range, consisting of the Silvan and Silvan Selecta brands.

Silvan was established to service the accessory requirements of primary producers, plant nurseries, contractors, pest controllers, home gardeners, handymen, builders, plumbers and landscapers.

The extensive range features products that maximise the capabilities of existing equipment such as pumps, hoses, hand sprayers, nozzles and nozzle holders, fittings, filters, firefighters, diesel transfer equipment, 12-volt portable sprayers, foam markers and much much more.

Choosing the right sprayer for the job

Hand and Backpack Sprayers

These versatile sprayers cater to diverse needs in sizes ranging from 1.5L to 20L.

Whether in small hand-held models or backpack configurations, they provide flexibility for various applications. Some models are rechargeable, eliminating the need for manual pumping.

Trolley Sprayers

Trolley sprayers are ideal for spot spraying of pesticides or fertilizers on lawns and gardens.

They’re easy to move around and some models have the added convenience of rechargeable pumps eliminating the need for manual pumping. All include a hose and a spray gun for controlled spot spraying while some also have optional boomless nozzles ideal for applying fertiliser or selective herbicides on lawns.

Rechargeable Sprayers

No more pumping! Explore our range of rechargeable sprayers with the added convenience of a rechargeable pump eliminating the need for manual pumping. Available in hand sprayer, backpack and trolley versions.

ATV/UTV Sprayers

The range of sprayers designed for use on or in ATVs & UTVs is extensive, both in terms of the tank capacities available and the range of useful applications. They are suited to spot spraying for domestic, on-farm or contractor use and many models can be coupled with a boom for broadcast spraying.

Trailed Sprayers

Trailed sprayers are designed to be towed behind vehicles like mowers, ATVs or UTVs for efficient and widespread application of liquids such as pesticides or fertilisers. The trailing setup allows for wider coverage, making them suitable for treating extensive areas. Trailed sprayers are versatile and enable farmers or gardeners to cover more ground with ease.

Check out our full range of Silvan sprayers or pop in and visit us in our new Generator Hire showroom.

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