The DieselPro digital diesel counter enhances the functionality by providing the user with the ability to track and monitor their usage of diesel.

The diesel meter offers the ability to measure the litres dispensed with a resettable (batch) count and a permanent total count that is non resettable. The digital meter uses non volitile memory to ensure that its records are not lost, even when the batteries are changed.


Diesel Transfer Equipment

Key Features
As a kit the diesel meter is suited for various models of our poly tank range.
Able to be calibrated and provides information as to the individual litre count or the totality of litres counted
Flow rate 10-120L/min
Compact and sturdy design
H x 55mm, W x 75mm, D x 100mm
Max. pressure 10 bar of 145 PSI
Accurate to +/- 1%
1″ BSP female inlet and female outlet

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