Piusi Cube 70 240V Mechanical Diesel Meter Cabinet Style Pump 70L/Min


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The Piusi Diesel Fuel Cube is designed to be a convenient diesel distribution device for non commercial applications. The pump and meter combination allows for quick and accurate delivery from stationary tanks. The self priming pump is rated for continuous pumping and includes an internal bypass which will enable when the tank fills or the trigger is released.



Diesel Transfer Equipment

Key Features
Flow rate up to 70lpm
Continuous duty cycle
240V AC
50mm inlet
Noise level below 70dB
Self supporting stamped plate structure , treated against corrosion and paint finished
Ready to install Self priming vane pump, fitted with bypass valve
Mounted on anti vibration supports
Mechanical seal
Self ventilated enclosed motor (IP 55)
Suction filter for pump protection
Mechanical readout
Automatic nozzle complete with flexible hose and swivel connection
Inbuilt nozzle holder provided with pump
start / stop switch

Options Available

12 Volt DC