Gespasa Manual Grease Pump

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Pumps with high pressure hose, aluminium casing and more for sale


Liquids: Grease Grease

  • Pump that works through foot pressure in the spring load system.
  • In one only load it supplies 30 shots of grease.
  • Aluminium casting
  • The high pressure adjustment supplies 0.45 g for each shot at 690 bar (10,000 PSI).
  • The high volume adjustment supplies 1.25 g per stroke.
  • It is suitable for NLGI class 2 grease.

Composed of:

drum cover, follower plate, Ø1/2″ high pressure hose, joined nozzle with steel extension and coupling, 5-kg plastic drum, 1.5 m hose



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Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 26 × 47 cm