Diesel poly tanks for sale with Diesel Power pump and more

New to Australia the Diesel Power diesel poly tank.

Incorporates premium features in a simple square workstation.


Diesel Transfer Equipment

Key Features
Grey colour denoting diesel.
12 volt Diesel Power pump.
Also features a loackable filling cap and a lockable cover to protect your diesel
Impact Resistant UV Stabilised diesel grade polytuff tank
40L/min open flow
Tank fill gauge
4 m ¾” delivery hose with high quality auto shut-off trigger
4 m wiring harness with alligator clips
Anti static earth strap
30 min duty cycle, 30 min on/off

Options Available
Digital litre counter (PF11-X2)


Tank Size: 400.00 litres
Pump Size: 40.00 L/min
Length/Width/Height: 1100mm / 960mm / 660mm
Product Weight: 46.00 KG

Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 96 × 110 × 66 mm


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