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Load Banks

Load Banks - Generator Hire Sales and Service

Mobile and trailer mounted systems for generators, power plant commissioning & load testing. We can also provide Load banks that are completely weatherproof, vertically fan cooled and incorporate stainless steel immersion proof resistors.

Safety protection includes Triple Interlock load protection system which safe guards against fan failure, air flow restriction, high temperature and fan reversal. Optional features include a protection cage, complete with lifting hooks and forklift pockets.

Auxiliary power socket for independent supply to fan and control operation, and digital display power meter. At the touch of your fingertips, user friendly programs display accurate status and provide efficient operation management.

Resistive Load Banks

Available from 30 – 3000kW.


  • Compact design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Remote, touch type control
  • Built to IP56 (NEMA 4) - Hose proof
  • Vertical air discharge standard
  • Expandable modular designs
  • Horizontal air discharge optional
  • Manufactured under ISO9002 quality assurance

For more information, check out the wikipedia article on load banks.