Generator Hire About Us

Why Us?

When designing units for our generator hire fleet we incorporate modern design, reliability, durability, functionality and safety. All these factors are based on years of experience and understanding what our customer wants in the generator hire industry.

We combine quality engines, electrical components and control systems designed for diverse functionality and simplistic operation.

Our control systems are designed for auto/start stop, mains failure, synchronising of generators to the supply authority mains, generators and manual operation.

Our sound acoustic lockable generator hire canopy designs include sturdy construction, long range fuel tanks and heavy duty skid bases. All our generators are fully maintained and in excellent condition to maximise reliability and performance.

Our People

As a family structured company you will quickly discover the difference. A well supported team will always provide that added service and of course the advantage of being able to make quick decisions to support you.

We understand that we are in the service industry, and pride ourselves on providing a “More Personalised Service”. Simple words but the winning edge.

Our staff encourage feedback and are always actively trying to improve our service and products. Our knowledge and attention to your particular project ensures you receive the right advice and correct equipment every time.

We support our products 100% and are available 24 hours 7 days per week.